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FAQ for Good Neighbor Fund Recipients

Q: What's the Good Neighbor Program?

A: Our new Good Neighbor Program is a way for people to send Depot Street store credit as an ongoing group gift. Givers organize a fund with us in the name of their intended recipient, and we start collecting donations from anyone who wants to pitch in. We accept donations towards Good Neighbor Funds in-store as well as online. We then contact the recipient, establish contact preferences, and allow them to start buying meals with the fund at their leisure. It's like a gift card from everyone to you that keeps growing! The fund makes it easy for friends to help us help you get dinner on the table, so you can focus on your family.

Q: What does this mean for me?

A: As the fund's recipient, you now have a running balance with us which you can spend on meals at Depot Street Market. We will keep you updated as the balance changes, and pass on messages from donors. If you like, you can send the donation link to anyone who might want to contribute. You can come into the store or call us anytime to check your balance or buy meals with your fund.

Q: How long does the fund last?

A: Your fund will remain open for donations until you decide to close it, even if your balance is zero. You have no obligation to close the fund, but if you decide to, any remaining balance will be converted to a regular gift certificate in your name.

Q: How often will I be contacted?

A: We will contact you by email whenever your fund receives a donation. Donations may be accompanied by a personal message, which we will pass along. We will also contact you weekly with an update on your fund's balance (if it is above zero). If you would like to be contacted less often we can disable these emails, but you'll need to contact us to check your balance if we do. Your subscription status on our newsletter will not effect these emails (if you unsubscribe, you'll still receive Good Neighbor Program mails).

NOTE: If your email account has a spam filter, our messages may be blocked. To prevent this, please add depotstreetgoodneighborfund@gmail.com to your address book.

Questions and Balance Inquiries: depotstreetgoodneighborfund@gmail.com (or call us at 781-934-2863)
Orders: orders@depotstreetmarket.com (or call us at 781-934-2863)

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