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Gourmet Gluten-Free at Depot Street

We take great care in the preparation of our specially-marked gluten free meals. We know that food allergies are serious and preventing contamination is very important.

Tessa Casey, our resident Gluten Free chef

The Turley and Casey families have several celiacs between them, so we know firsthand that our gluten-free meals are safe (and delicious).

While ours is not an exclusively Gluten Free kitchen, it is the next best thing. Anyone who has ever been to Depot Street Market sees the way we prepare our meals, because our kitchen is in the front of our store! The counters are scrubbed in between the preparations of every entree made, to ensure traces of gluten cannot contaminate our gluten-free meals.

All our gluten-free recipes come from Tessa Casey, our resident Gluten Free chef.